Dip Brazing

The Dip Brazing system is a brazing technology that combines aluminum components, which can not be produced by machining, with various chemicals at high temperatures. Especially with this method, many refrigerated electronic chassis, antenna parts and various parts are manufactured…

Dip Brazing Advantages
• Economical fabrication of complex and multi-component assemblies.
• Simple method to obtain large joint area or joint length.
• Capability of Joining thin Aluminum parts that cannot be done by Tig Welding.
• Fabrication of the products that cannot be produced as a single unit by machining.
• High tolerance joining of parts that can only be produced by casting.
• Preserving the metallurgical characteristics of metals.
• Capability for precision production tolerance
• Ability to fabricate leak-tight and EMI shielded joints.


We are serving to the Defense Industry Sector in the best condition with our CNC and Universal workbenches in our company…


Within our company; Helicoil assembly, Riveted chassis assemblies, Sub and main assemblies of manufactured parts and Leakage tests,
We do pressure tests.

Quality Control

Our company has ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate, all parts are measured with CMM Coordinate Measuring Device and filed accordingly, all the tests can be done.


Being the only company in its field in Turkey, BOSEL Engineering provides high quality Aluminium Dip Brazing services in accordance with customer needs and standards.